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Hemorrhoids, sometimes called piles, are swollen veins that occur in the anus or lower rectum. A hemorrhoid can arise inside of the rectum (internally) or on the anus (externally). A hemorrhoid most often occurs anytime the walls of the veins in one's anus or rectum come to be so thin that the veins swell or stand out. In some situations, a blood clot will develop inside the hemorrhoid (thrombosed hemorrhoid) and might be the source of pain.

If a hemorrhoid begins to become extremely painful or causes other health complications, it could need to be removed. A procedure commonly performed to remove internal hemorrhoids is hemorrhoid banding, also known as rubber band ligation. If you are looking for information on hemorrhoid banding in Arkansas, we can help. At GI Alliance of Arkansas, our patient-focused team of gastrointestinal specialists frequently treats piles using hemorrhoid banding procedures.

What are the benefits of hemorrhoid banding?

If you have had hemorrhoids, you presumably have dealt with some of the associated symptoms, such as pain, itching, and blood in the stool. Hemorrhoid banding at GI Alliance of Arkansas is often an ideal nonsurgical treatment option for many reasons. Some of the benefits of rubber band ligation procedures include:

  • Practically painless: Although you might face slight discomfort during your hemorrhoid banding procedure, it should not cause discomfort as the hemorrhoid grows smaller and eventually detaches.
  • Nonsurgical process: As a nonsurgical treatment, you don’t have to worry about potential surgical drawbacks or a long recovery. Hemorrhoid banding is safe and allows you to get quickly back to your everyday life.
  • Long-lasting results: While at-home options (like topical creams, medicated pads, or baths) might address smaller hemorrhoids, solutions such as these generally only treat symptoms and not the cause. A hemorrhoid banding procedure offers a longer-term option for care.

Hemorrhoid banding is a method that uses a rubber band to constrict the flow of blood to a hemorrhoid. Over the course of some time, the hemorrhoid will diminish before dying. A scar will form where the hemorrhoid was, which will keep nearby vessels from swelling or creating more hemorrhoids within the area.

Hemorrhoid banding is accomplished by inserting an anoscope into the anus. The doctor then obtains a hold on the hemorrhoid and employs an instrument to position a band around the hemorrhoids's base. Hemorrhoid banding is most commonly restricted to treating one or two hemorrhoids in a given treatment unless the individual is put under anesthesia.

The recovery time and experience after hemorrhoid banding can vary from patient to patient. Some people are well enough to resume regular function nearly immediately after the procedure, but others need a couple of days of rest in bed in order to recover. Discomfort is expected for up to two days after hemorrhoid banding, and bleeding might take place for as many as 10 days following the procedure.

Your local GI Alliance of Arkansas gastroenterology office will provide detailed post-treatment instructions to abide by once your hemorrhoid banding procedure is completed. To diminish the chance of bleeding, it is important to be sure not to take aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for a minimum of four days prior to or following the treatment. To reduce pressure in the rectum, it is suggested that you consume a large amount of fluids and eat a diet high in fiber to promote smooth bowel movements.

Hemorrhoid banding is a routine, nonsurgical treatment option for individuals suffering from hemorrhoids in Arkansas. Our gastroenterologists offer this routine procedure at GI Alliance of Arkansas and are proud to have helped numerous individuals find an end to discomfort from the symptoms of hemorrhoids. If you or a loved one suffer from hemorrhoids, please connect with GI Alliance of Arkansas to receive more information on hemorrhoid banding or to schedule a consultation with a gastroenterologist.

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Is there anything I need to do to prepare for hemorrhoid banding?

Generally, there isn’t anything you will need to do prior to your procedure. Your GI provider will likely ask about the medications, vitamins, and supplements you take, so keep a list with you. Following your hemorrhoid banding, it’s important to have a trusted friend or family member available to take you home and help with daily tasks to avoid additional strain on yourself. It’s paramount to stick to pre- and post-treatment directives given to you by your GI Alliance of Arkansas team.

Will my hemorrhoid banding procedure be safe?

As with a number of procedures, there’s a slight chance of risk involved with hemorrhoid banding, such as recurring hemorrhoids, bleeding, and infection. Bear in mind, though, our gastroenterologists work to minimize potential risks. We work diligently to encourage a successful recovery and beyond.

Will you be able to go back to work after a hemorrhoid banding procedure?

In most instances, it is fine to work as normal following hemorrhoid banding. GI doctors suggest that you avoid physical activity in the hours following your hemorrhoid banding procedure, but those with an office job can typically return to work after the treatment.

Will hemorrhoid banding hurt or cause a lot of discomfort?

Our goal is to keep you as comfortable and relaxed as you can be. Our team will use a local anesthetic to help reduce any pain you may experience, but you might still feel some discomfort during and after the hemorrhoid banding.

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