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Ileitis is a disease that causes discomfort or swelling in the ileum, or the last portion of the small bowel that connects to the colon. The symptoms associated with ileitis can include those listed below:

  • Unplanned weight loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Cramping or aching in one's abdomen, or fistulas (atypical channels that develop from one part to another of one's intestine)

Ileitis can be a result of numerous conditions, though Crohn's disease is the most common. Alternate precipitating factors may include infections, restricted blood flow (ischemia), NSAIDs, and abnormal growths. Should you require care for ileitis in Arkansas, help is nearby. Get the treatment you require by consulting with a GI provider at your local GI Alliance of Arkansas location today.

It's very important to work with a gastroenterologist to pinpoint the exact cause of your ileitis and come up with an effective treatment plan. Your doctor will analyze your medical history and perform a complete physical examination. A comprehensive set of tests may also be ordered in order to confirm the diagnosis which might include stool analysis, X-rays, barium X-rays of the small intestine, CT scan, colonoscopy (in which a narrow lighted tube is inserted into the anus for a close examination), and biopsy.

If you are concerned that ileitis could be the source of your pain, contact GI Alliance of Arkansas to schedule a consultation with a gastrointestinal provider who can provide you with an appropriate treatment plan.

Depending on the results of your diagnostic exams, ileitis can be treated using medications like anti-inflammatories, antidiarrheal and/or immune-suppressing drugs, and/or dietary supplements to aid in the reduction of inflammation and help control the symptoms you're experiencing. A surgical procedure might be indicated if symptoms cannot be managed by medications or complications develop. A surgical procedure can be used to excise any damaged area, and/or address intestinal bleeding. You need to maintain healthy lifestyle habits, exercise regularly, keep a healthy diet, and quit or avoid smoking.

For further details about treatment for ileitis in Arkansas, call to reserve a consultation with our digestive health specialists.

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You don't have to struggle with inflammation and GI discomfort on a daily basis. To hear more regarding your options for ileitis treatment in Arkansas, as well as the lifestyle adjustments that you can make to help alleviate your symptoms, get in touch with our group of board-certified gastrointestinal providers as soon as possible. We encourage you to contact GI Alliance of Arkansas to request a treatment consultation.

Dr O’Keefe is very understanding and knowledgeable. He and his staff are very friendly.

D.L. Google

He was very compassionate and caring and made me comfortable talking about my procedure and the pre prep that made me sick. Instead of getting mad at me like GI docs before he just said we’d see if it was enough and it was as he dud my procedure. He made me feel comfortable in a very nervous situation very caring and compassionate not the typical GI doc

R.C. Google

Friendly, willing to take time to listen about your concerns. Offers suggestions on how to better treat yourself. Does have a lot of questions to go through upon arrival. Can use tablet or paper. Be prepared to arrive at least 15 minutes before actual appointment to answer questionnaire. I prefer the tablet so you can just press the next button to those pages that haven’t changed since last appointment.

G.P. Google

Everything was great with one exception. The nurse that called me back and asked the 1st questions seemed to be having a less than stellar day. I felt as if I were an inconvenience for some reason. It was later in the day and they are all probably tired, but being friendly isn't that difficult. I had a bad experience with a customer once. They described me as being politely hostile. Now I understand how they felt. Otherwise, everyone was great and very helpful.

J.T. Google

I was referred to Dr Ellison by my GP. This was the 2nd time I was having a colonoscopy. His Staff were wonderful. I would refer my family or friends to Dr Ellison's office.

J.G. Google


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