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Anal (or rectal) bleeding references any bleeding that passes through your rectum. Despite the fact that the anus only accounts for the bottom part of the large intestine, anal bleeding could also originate in the rectum or lower bowel. This form of bleeding is typically bright red but can sometimes show up as a deeper wine color. It might appear in one's stool, on toilet tissue, or in the toilet bowl. Rectal bleeding can be a symptom of several GI concerns and should be evaluated by a professional. In the event that you have had bleeding from your rectum, our gastrointestinal experts at GI Alliance of Arkansas can help. Our physicians can evaluate the condition and work to solve it. Please reach out to our GI office in Arkansas today.

Rectal bleeding may occur as a result of a number of health concerns. In the event that you've had anal bleeding and are unsure of the reason, it is essential to arrange to meet with a gastrointestinal specialist. Some common reasons for rectal bleeding involve:

  • Diverticular disease (a bulging sac formed on the gastrointestinal wall)

  • Intestinal growths

  • Dry bowel movements

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Fewer bowel movements than normal

  • An anal fissure (a little cut in the lining of the rectum)

Our staff frequently helps individuals who deal with rectal bleeding in Arkansas, and we will work to properly find the answer as to what is causing the issue. We sympathize with how unpleasant this problem can make you feel, so we will strive to ensure the solution is provided as quickly as we can.

Depending on the severity of your case, rectal bleeding may be treated in stages. If you have blood loss caused by things like a rectal cut or hemorrhoids, you may be directed to use drugstore creams or a rectal suppository. In the event of more heavy anal bleeding, it is possible that you might require IV fluids or a blood transfusion for excessive bleeding. Regardless, it is vital to arrange for a visit to GI Alliance of Arkansas in order to obtain the best solution to ease your problem.

If you are seeking treatment for rectal bleeding in Arkansas, start by requesting a consultation with one of our local providers today. Our knowledgeable team of gastrointestinal physicians will suggest the solution required that will get to the bottom of your GI problem. Reach out to GI Alliance of Arkansas now to get started.

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