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Bowel incontinence, also referred to as fecal incontinence, occurs when a person is not able to manage their bowel movements. It's a regular issue amongst aged adults and can range from a total loss of restraint to feces leaks that happen sporadically when passing flatulence. Despite the fact that bowel incontinence is not often a severe health problem, it has the ability to severely conflict with your everyday living. You don't need to suffer from this ailment. Reach out to GI Alliance of Arkansas without delay to consult with a GI doctor in Arkansas who can help create a treatment plan that could improve your quality of life.

There are numerous indications that bowel incontinence is occurring. The normal symptoms of bowel or fecal incontinence involve:

  • Declined perception of the need to have a bowel movement or pass gas
  • Leaking stool when you are not using the toilet, for example when you cough or have flatulence
  • The urgent need to experience a bowel movement
  • Discharge of feces or gas that can't be managed

If you think you are undergoing bowel incontinence and require support with this problem, arrange an appointment with a gastroenterologist at GI Alliance of Arkansas so that they can create a care plan that will allow for comfort.

Bowel incontinence is often a manageable disorder once an underlying cause has been determined and a reliable treatment plan is in place. The treatment guidance could differ, but be that as it may, more than one solution may be required to control the symptoms. Noninvasive procedures for this problem will usually revolve around your diet. Steps you can take to support your recovery include:

  • Drinking several cups of water each day to prevent constipation
  • Eating around 20 to 30 grams of fiber each day (can make feces heavy and simpler to manage)
  • Avoiding caffeine, as this could help to stop diarrhea

During a consultation with our Arkansas gastroenterology team, we can talk over your alternatives for therapy.

You do not need to live your life burdened by fecal incontinence. Schedule a consultation with our GI specialists at GI Alliance of Arkansas so that our team can give the remedies you require to appreciate your lifestyle free of worry. We routinely provide treatment for bowel incontinence in Arkansas patients and anticipate being able to allow you to rediscover your enjoyment of life.

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Very pleasant and knowledgeable caregiver.

B.R. Google

My journey with Dr. Paschall began around 9 yrs ago. He’s treatment was aggressive with in hours of my test results. And I thank him every day for that. Recently I got very sick, and again he did the appropriate testing, & treatment. He has got me back in check & I am getting stable. He’s mannerism is kind & understanding. When my test results come in, I always get notified by his staff of results & if I need any different treatment. I thank you Dr. Paschall & your staff. Deborah Watt

D.W. Google

North Hills Endoscopic center and Dr Kevin O’Keefe are a great place to have your Esophagus, Stomach, duodenum and colon checked. 2 nd time I have had to have these things looked at. Dr O’Keefe is very personable and very thorough on history and understanding what you are going thorough. Endoscopic center staff are very professional, but seem to be in a rut and don’t seem to have as much compassion as they one did 3 years ago but then again we have been through a pandemic, maybe they all need a nice break.

G.M. Google

Cheryl listened carefully, asked questions, then discussed options with me. She also is checking on my diagnosis from my recent hospital stay. I could not have asked for more.

A.H. Google

All is well there. I have been with them for a while now.

J.K. Google


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